Basket course review

Hi Jonathon
Now that we are back on native Leicester soil, I thought that I ought to write to thank you for an excellent time of basketmaking and cake eating. Gill and I had a really  enjoyable and instructive day. We would have liked one of our grandsons to have been there to have had the chance to experience that teachers can be positive and inspirational, something he doesn’t seem to get at his secondary school. We have been singing your praises and perhaps word of mouth might encourage others to make the journey to rural Norfolk.

The Way of the Willow

A man floats on a big heavy log down a brown river so wide he cannot see the sides. The river flows rapidly but to the man it appears to move slowly because he cannot see the sides of the river.

It flows so strongly that the man can only move the log small degrees to the right or left by paddling vigorously with his arms. He cannot paddle the log backwards.

So is our ability to affect change for ourselves in the universe. The course is set.


Be like the Willow.