The way of the Willow

March, it seems, is not such a good time to sell baskets but it is a great time to be cutting the willow and making lots of stock.
Log baskets, linen baskets, bike baskets to name a few have all been piling up in my workshop ready for when the public starts thinking about getting out and about and buying baskets once more. I am glad the weather is warmer but i get anxious as I watch buds developing on the willow and hazel and I know time to cut them is getting limited. On my small patch of land where I grow some of my own willow I have developed and planted another bed. It will be 2 or 3 years before I get anything meaningful from this crop. I have also dug a patch to grow some pumpkins. i have planted the seeds at home inside in pots and am hoping they will germinate and turn into seedlings which i can eventually plant out. I aim to have pumpkins for sale on my Norwich Guildhall stall by Halloween.
I also planted a couple of years ago two apple trees:one eating and one cider. Neither has grown much in those two years and no fruit have developed yet. It would give me such pleasure to pick even just one apple this year.

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