Using natures abundance to weave a kinder simpler world

With traditional weaving skills passed on through millennia I create these elegant and  beautiful Norfolk Hedge baskets.

Made from hand cut materials from the Norfolk countryside I can create a unique woven item to bring simple joy into your world.

Whilst other basket makers and sellers strive for uniformity I look for the individual, the original, the intimate and the exclusive. This is how baskets used to be made: when times were quieter, slower and more peaceful.

Weaving is a spiritual activity; it is emotional and I try to weave compassion and kindness into every basket.

The authentic nature of my heritage craft will help you care for our earth and ensure that its precious resources are not exploited and help signal the values that are important to you. A Norfolk Hedge Basket enables us all to live a simpler more fulfilling life whether it be at the allotment or the food market or on the front of your bike. Basketry is an important and useful cultural practice in many societies. There are countless materials which can be woven into containers of varying size and designs. As a Basket maker I have spend decades refining my craft, but basket weaving is also approachable and satisfying for beginners

Hedge basket is really the way that I describe my own basket style; they are rustic, shapely, colourful, useful and beautiful.

For the summer months you can find me at various fairs and fetes around the country. Check my Instagram feed for details.

You can also buy directly from my website or contact me to discuss your requirements.

 Member of The Basketmakers Association.